Tacuna Development
Custom Software and Hardware Development

Circuit Design

Circuit Design

Need some custom circuit boards? No problem! Tacuna Development provides the following services:

Schematic capture and PCB layout
PCB fabrication, prototyping, assembly, and testing

Embedded Software

Embedded Software

So you've got some hardware. Great! Now what do you need it to do? Tacuna Development provides the following services:

C, C++
RTOS, uCLinux

Embedded Software

Desktop Software

Need an app to talk to your hardware? Need to visualize data? Tacuna development can help!

Windows Applications
Linux Applications
Android Applications
C++, C#, Java

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Our Latest Projects - Geeking Out!


    NASA Mars Excavator

    Rover to dig lunar simulant and collect for further processing.


    University of Washington FSAE

    Monitored suspension loading of FSAE race car.


    NASA Fine Water Mist Project

    Monitored visual obscuration during fine water mist extinguishing event.